Meet the Fin$mart team!

FAC Lawrence

Lawrence Froymovich


Lawrence is an ambitious 17 year old high school senior, originally from Brooklyn, NY. Over the years, he’s developed a love for giving back to society and mentoring those around him. He is grateful of his school’s financial literacy requirement. But many schools lack financial literacy. A volunteer at the Nassau County Peer Diversion Court, he was eventually propelled to develop an outreach program that uses financial literacy as a means of preventing crime in youth. When he pitched his idea to the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, he became inspired to incorporate his community outreach organization “Fin$marts Against Crimes (FAC)” as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Lawrence aims to study applied economics undergrad, particularly the intersection of business and public policy. In his free time, he enjoys playing jazz trumpet, the piano, and hanging out with his friends.

Victoria Evola


Vickie is a selfless and determined 16 year old high school senior from Hewlett, NY. She is a volunteer, passionate about helping and collaborating with those around her. As an instructor for Fin$marts, she enjoys teaching financial literacy to those her age, throughout the county and beyond. Vickie aims to study finance and data analytics undergrad, where she plans to further her beneficial community outreach. In her free time she enjoys playing the French horn, representing her school’s robotics team, and learning the intricacies of the Bokmål-Norwegian language. She is very excited to see where her Fin$marts journey takes her, and she is determined to help grow the organization.
Boris FAC

Boris Yakubov


Boris is a tenacious and driven 17-year-old high school senior orignially from Queens, NY. As an instructor for Fin$marts, Boris hopes to raise the rate of financial litteracy among people his age. He works on various community service priojects, and strives for community betterment. He aspires to study Political Science undergad, and his ultimate goal is to advocate for social justice and inclusivity. On his free time, he can be found lifting weights at the local gym, gardenning, and volunteering for local politicians. Boris is enthused to learn where his Fin$mart journey will take him!


2/3 of adults lack an understanding of basic financial literacy
33 states do not require financial literacy education
About half of adults in the United States are financially illiterate


  • Become financial literate
  • Start saving money now
  • Make good budgeting habits
  • Plan for good financial futures
  • Successfully plan for college
  • Develop a good credit score
  • Invest in future education
  • Become financially sustainable


Develop safer communities to prevent crime and recidivism
Create a financially smart, millennial population
Keep teens motivated and pursuing higher education

The Five Rules of Fin$marts


Develop good credit history


Never depend upon financial institutions


Start saving money now


Open up a bank account


Don’t underestimate your wealth-earning capabilities

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