Meet The Fin$mart Team

Lawrence Froymovich

Organization Founder

Lawrence is a freshman at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania from Long Island, New York. He intends to study finance and behavioral economics with a minor in American Public Policy. Passionate for crime prevention and financial education, he established Fin$marts in 2019 alongside his mentors from the Nassau County Peer Diversion Court, an entirely teen-composed courtroom driven by restorative justice. Lawrence looks forward to integrating Fin$marts in West Philly, and he aspires to make a lasting impact on the financial education space in the United States.



Sumeet Chinnappala

Chapter Director

Sumeet is from Long Island, New York, and is currently a senior at George W. Hewlett High School. He believes in the importance of personal financial education and became involved with Fin$marts after recognizing the need for financial education among his peers. As chapter leader of Fin$marts on Long Island, Sumeet is working to continue programs throughout Nassau County while also expanding Fin$marts to New York City. He is currently a member of the Sousa National Honor Band and the All-State Jazz and Symphonic bands. He hopes to study law and improve the education system on a larger scale.


Boris Yakubov

Chapter Director

Boris is a freshman at the NYU Stern School of Business from Queens, New York. He intends to concentrate in Economics and Statistics with a minor in History. Interested in improving levels of financial literacy amongst youth, Boris joined Fin$marts in 2019. Boris is interested in capital markets and investing, and hopes to broaden his knowledge of these subjects during his college years. He looks forward to integrating Fin$marts at New York University and in New York City.

Tomas Hernandez Patino

IT & Web Design

Tomas is a freshman at The Wharton School intending to concentrate in Finance and Statistics. Tomas is passionate about finding patterns in data to identify and correct financial market inefficiencies. Tomas hopes to develop a career in private equity and give back to the community by helping FinSmarts with their technology needs.